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A major topic of discussion, legislation and annoyance today is the volume of “robo” calls we receive, but be warned, the steps you take to limit or eliminate them, may actually keep you from receiving “The Call” that can lead to you next great career opportunity.

One of the options many phone carriers have today allows you to limit calls to a set number of approved callers, and no others.  Anyone who is not on that approved list will not be put through to your number and will not be given the option of leaving you a voicemail message either.  That is a great service in eliminating those unwanted robocalls, BUT if you are in a job search, or even just open to hearing about new career opportunities, this service may be blocking those very calls from getting through to you.

If you are in an active job search, or simply have your LinkedIn profile stating you are open to new opportunities, this could be a major reason you may believe no one is responding to your resume.

There are numerous instances every day where our Consentium Search recruiters are calling potential candidates about new career opportunities and, instead of connecting the call, receive the following message: “The party you are attempting to contact is not accepting calls right now, please try your call again later.”  Depending on the phone service provider, the message will vary, but the bottom line is that the call will not be put through, not even to your voice mail.

What can you do to be able to receive these desired but non-approved callers and still control the number of robocalls received?  First, see if your phone company has a relationship with a robocall blocking company.  For example, Spectrum has a relationship with Nomorobo who identifies almost all robocalls and push them into voicemail.  This also allows unknown calls to get through, and some could still be unidentified robocalls, but you can choose not to answer the call and let it go to your voicemail.  If it is a recruiter, they can then at least leave you a message and you can return the call.