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If you are not gaining traction in your job search after months of trying, it’s time to take stock of what you’ve been doing. It’s not easy to engage in critical self-introspection. You’d like to think that you’re doing everything right, but no one is giving you a chance. That could be the case, but to play it safe, it makes sense to conduct a self-assessment and audit of your actions to determine if you’re doing your best in pursuit of a new job. Here’s a checklist to help you figure out if you need to improve your job search strategy and efforts.

Check Your Tone

It’s easy to become jaded, frustrated and angry with the interview process. It’s particularly stressful when we’re in the midst of a pandemic, millions of people are out of work, you’re stuck at home and the news seems bleak. 

Although it’s understandable to feel aggrieved, you can’t let it show during the interview process. Hiring managers, recruiters and human resource professionals desire people who are positive, motivated, sharp and exude confidence. They feel that this type of person can add value, work well with others and contribute in a positive and meaningful way. 

Be honest with yourself. Do you come across bitterly, talk badly about your past bosses and co-workers? It’s a big turnoff if you act like a resentful malcontent. With so many people seeking out new jobs, the people involved with the interview will take a hard pass and move onto someone who has a nicer disposition that fits in with the corporate culture. 

Focus on the details

Take a fresh new look at your résumé, LinkedIn profile and social media presence. On the logistics side, you must ensure that your grammar, punctuation and spelling are accurate. Photos, background and any other graphic additions should be clear, in focus and serve to burnish your brand. Remember to include a phone number and email address, so people can easily contact you. Add links to projects that you’d like hiring managers to see.