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Consentium Search was founded on the belief that great organizations are successful and / or profitable in no small part because they protect their employees, the environment and their tangible and intangible assets.  To accomplish this, those entities need access to the best Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS, HSE, OSH) professionals in order to bring those skills and talents to bear for the organizations’ success.

Consentium Search is specifically designed to bring these professionals to the companies who seek them and in a unique position to provide you with several excellent, pre-screened candidates in very short order.

What makes us unique?

  • We are an American and woman-owned national leader in recruiting focused on all aspects of Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management
  • We are the only firm whose recruiting team is led by an HRCI and SHRM certified former Director of Risk Management and Human Resources who is also an annual ASSP / NSC National Conference speaker
  • We are the only recruiting firm invited to sponsor/participate in the ASSP / NSC Career Centers at their national conferences
  • We provide unsurpassed turnaround time from date of order to candidate introduction
  • We work to ensure the fit is right for both the organization’s and the candidate’s long-term goals
  • We do not simply provide you who we have available or rely on PaP (Post and Pray) recruiting; we search for, and find, who you need
  • With over 75,000 professionals in our database, we have exceptional access to the true “passive” candidate pool. 70% of candidates relevant for your roles are not engaged in job searches, they are gainfully employed and not looking for a change but are open to hearing about opportunities. The best candidates are typically among them.  This is our target market.

Our name, Consentium Search, is rooted in Roman Mythology, The Porticus Deorum Consentium was the meeting place of Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Minerva, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Venus, Vulcan, Vesta, Mercury, and Ceres.  Major decisions concerning the fate of a specific individual, or mankind as a whole, were reached only by consensus of the twelve.  In accordance with this philosophy of consensus building, Consentium Search strives to assure that all parties directly, and indirectly, involved in the hiring process are in alignment.


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Our Vision

We believe that great organizations are successful and / or profitable because they protect their employees, the environment and their other assets.  We are here to help great organizations source and hire the best Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS, HSE, OSH) professionals.

Our Mission

The mission of Consentium Search is to be the most reputable, efficient, reliable and cost-effective source for organizations seeking to hire the best Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS, HSE,  OSH) talent and to assist EHS professionals find, and join, organizations that value their contribution to the organization’s success.

Our Goal

Our goal is to save our client organizations time and money by providing excellent, pre-screened candidates who not only can perform the technical aspects of the job, but fulfill the organization’s value statement regarding its responsibilities to its employees, customers and community.